Our Celebrity Chef

A sense for the best tastes
Popular Executive Chef de Cuisine Chef Jonathan Seynaevehas returned to Aldo’s Bistro to oversee the exciting relaunch of the Cascade Club’s prime social and entertainment venue.

Chef Seynaeve has a youthful and refreshing approach to food based on his extensive experience and depth of knowledge. The gourmet foods that Chef?Seynaeve serves will surely impress you with its simply delicious taste.

The Matter of Taste

To serve food of the highest quality, it is imperative that our thoughtful chef selects the best ingredients. We believe that high quality fresh ingredients is the key to achieving great tastes.

Healthy and Fresh

At Aldo’s, we offer customers an experience beyond dining. We want to educate people about making intelligent food decisions; because the more we know about the food that we consume, the better our decisions will be. We strive to raise awareness of the health and environmental effects of the foods that we consume in order to reduce the consequences that we have been seeing in the last two decades. Moreover, Aldo’s is a place of escape from everyday life and a place of connection that supersedes your everyday dining experience.