Club Concept

Welcome to the premier health club of Thailand. The Cascade Club is a place where all your needs are catered to, from expert personal training and fitness classes to spa, salon, and restaurant.

The single most important characteristic that distinguishes the Cascade Club from other clubs is how we are member-oriented. The Cascade Club provides its members with unmatched quality services and facilities. Since members pay a joining and monthly fee in advance, they have high expectations for quality service and well maintained facilities. We pride ourselves in fulfilling these expectations.

Member Concept

When someone becomes a member of the Cascade Club, they have joined the club and not just paid for their right to enter.

All other health or fitness facilities in Bangkok have a customer pay-for-play orientation in which those who use the facility are regarded as customers or consumers patronizing the facility.

There is the assumption that the members have vested interest in the club’s reputation, image and success. We take this with the utmost seriousness and work tirelessly to ensure that the Cascade Club remains a place of health, beauty and well-being.

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