Our Celebrity Chef

A sense for taste for simplicity

Popular Executive Chef de Cuisine Mr Herve Frerard has returned to Aldo’s Bistro to oversee the exciting relaunching of the Cascade Club’s prime social and entertaining venue.

Chef Herve is a kid steeped in knowledge. He is ageless, at times he is an eight-year-old and at other times he is over a hundred. His good natured humor displays itself in unrelenting tricks on his friends. Nonetheless, his wisdom remains prominent and he is always conscious of the limits and virtues of knowledge.

Chef Herve is the timeless result of youthful fun and age-old wisdom.

The Matter of Taste

In Almost everyway, I think Good food, Thoughtful chefs that care about what they are doing have an imperative for goodingredients and good flavors.

Healthy and Fresh

At Aldo’s, we try to offer customers an experience beyond dining. We want to educate people about making intelligent food decisions because the more we know about the food that we consume, the better our decisions will be. We need to be aware of the health and environmental effects of the foods that we consume in order to reduce the effects that we have been seeing in the last two decades. Moreover, Aldo’s is trying to be a place of escape from everyday life and a place of connection that supersedes your everyday dining experience.